Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry Excuse for a Mother!

Evidently this week, my daughter's preschool class has been studying bears, reading stories and doing crafts about bears. A handwritten note was sent home on Tuesday asking the parents to please send our child's favorite Teddy Bear to school tomorrow. I set the note aside and made a mental note to remember to find the box of stuffed animals that was recently cleared out of my daughters room to make room for all the new toys she was getting for Christmas. (She's into Baby Dolls right now, so we packed all the old stuffed animals that were just lying around and taking up room in her closet.) Anyway, low and behold, I got busy with loading the dishwasher and doing laundry, helping with homework, fixing dinner, etc... and I forgot about the teddy bear.

After I picked up my daughter from preschool today, she told me about everyone bringing their teddy bears to school for show and tell today and she was the only one who didn't have one. I FELT TERRIBLE!!!! I was angry with myself for forgetting. I can imagine the teacher and her aide thinking what an awful mom I must be, that I didn't even care enough to send my daughter to school with her teddy bear.

When we got home I hugged my daughter and told her that I was sorry for forgetting about her teddy bear and to please forgive me. She hugged me tight and said "That's O.K. Mommy, it was just an accident."
I felt like crying. I told her that I would find her teddy bear so she could take it on Show and Tell Friday so everyone could see that she really did have a teddy bear.

Right now I feel like such a sorry excuse for a mother!


  1. Awww! You are so not a bad mother! Believe me, I have locked more than one child in the car, lost more than one on different occassions and forgotten many scheduled activities. I am like you, in that, I am worse on myself than my kids have been on me.

  2. What a wonderful daughter you have! And her response just shows what a wonderful mother you are!!!