Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just for the Joy of it

Good, True & Beautiful

Every Thursday, Good True & Beautiful blog does a post called "Just for the Joy of it", and I will be joining in.  For those of you who remember growing up in the 80's or were born in the 80's will remember this wonderful song.  I couldn't sleep last night, so I was on the computer, and I came across this video and song.  As one commenter put it  "this track always brings back magical echoes of the now distant 80's for me", and that's pretty much how I feel. I love listening to this song, "Just for the Joy of it"!


  1. Oh I do remember that song! Such drama, such melancholy, such harmonies...!

    and the VIDEO! that's just too funny. Would you look at all that hairspray?! And shoulder pads! What were we thinking?

    Definitely put a smile on my face.. thanks for the flashback. And for spreading the JOY!

  2. Stopping to say "Hi" from Just for the JOY of it!